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Dave Ulloa

Dave Ulloa Dave Ulloa grew up with many odds stacked against him. Growing up in the inner city of New York he decided to put his energy and focus into sports. He excelled at sports and received a scholarship to play basketball at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks California, where he received his B.S. Degree in criminal justice and a minor in coaching. After graduating from college, Dave Ulloa who is only 5'8" and who's parents are from Ecuador and El Salvador was offered a 5 year contract to play professional basketball in Australia. Upon returning from his basketball career Dave ulloa decided to follow his passion for serving his community and making a difference. He became a Police Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. Dave served 8 years with the LAPD with his last assignment working with the Office of the Chief of Police and was in charge of the Hispanic community Liaison. 

Dave ulloa s passion for helping people change their lives and live their true potential led him to leave the Police Department and build his own business. Like many Entrepreneurs he started and built a few businesses ranging from retail to online ventures and travel. His passion for traveling allowed he and his beautiful wife Yvette to start a travel business that exploded and allowed them to live a life which they call, "living full time." Which means being able to make decisions not based on TIME or MONEY. Dave ulloa and his wife Yvette now traveling around the world and speak to thousands of people, inspiring them to take control of their life and live their true potential. They conduct seminars and trainings around the country. 

Dave Ulloa and Yvette and very focused on giving back and contributing to various charities including Discovery Camp, which allows teenagers to attend a camp where they can learn the skills to succeed in today's world. They are also donate their time and money to Big Brother's Big Sisters of Dallas. They are looking forward to starting their own foundation soon as well. For information on the orphanage that Dave Ulloa and Yvette helped open in their dads honor go to http://www.healing-blog.com/tag/dave-ulloa

Dave Ulloa has also co-authored a book called the Power of mentorship and was also featured in the movie, "The Power of Mentorship" and co-stared with Bob Proctor and many of our modern day success teachers. Dave Ulloa is a true inspiration that anything is possible. Dave Ulloa & Yvette Ulloa Biogrpahy "World Ventures has provided the path towards financial freedom and the quality of life we have always wanted." After an eight year career as a police officer for the City of Los Angeles and at the age of 31 years old, Dave Ulloa retired from the L.A.P.D. Dave's drive and ambition have always taken him to the top. He has competed in many professional sports and when he was in the 10th grade he was one of the Varsity Basketball team stars at Hoover High School. After Dave was offered a full scholarship to play basketball at Cal Lutheran University where he also received his B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice and Coaching, Dave's commitment and hard work rewarded him as he was recruited to play professional basketball in Australia. He was the recipient of many excellent awards including various MVP awards during his contract in Australia. When he came back to Los Angeles he was a member of the all-star LAPD Olympic basketball team playing around the world with this championship team. 

Success is no stranger to Yvette's life, either...Yvette has always been very active in the community and charity work, winning various pageants including Miss Glendale USA, and Miss USA International. She received a degree in Communications/Political Science from C.S.U.N. and she pursued a career in economic development with the City of Burbank where she worked with the business and resident community for 10 years. She then retired receiving many honors from the Burbank and Los Angeles City Councils, the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley and various non-profit organizations. Dave Ulloa and Yvette were married in 1999 and are absolutely passionate about life, their relationship, personal development, empowering people to take their lives to the next level and creating leaders all across the country. They both graduated from the Anthony Robbins Senior Leadership and Mastery University, and both Dave Ulloa and Yvette are certified NLP Practicioners and Success Coaches (Neuro- linguistic programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy). Both are enjoying traveling the world at wholesale prices and living a life that they only dreamed about prior to World Ventures, having taken more five star vacations in the last two years than in the entire past 10 years combined. Thanks to WorldVentures they lead a passionate life, full of excitement, and are able to contribute back by coaching new leaders in our organization, training teams all over the country and empowering people to take their lives to the next level. They are Regional Marketing Directors with WorldVentures.

 One of Dave Ulloa & Yvette's latest projecst includes co-authoring a book with Jim Rohn and many other famous authors in the personal development arena, The Power of Mentorship "Developing the Leader Within." They have recently received the high honor of becoming WorldVentures Corporate Trainers and are traveling around the country empowering people to take their lives to the next level. Additionally, Dave Ulloa & Yvette worked on a major movie with some of the teachers and stars from the movie The Secret, including Bob Proctor and Lisa Marie Diamond. This movie, produced after The Secret and launched at the Dec. 6 Premiere in Beverly Hills talks about taking your life to the next level after The Secret, through the Power of Mentorship, "Unlock Your Journey to Success". This was an incredible honor and an opportunity to get the message out that anyone can achieve anything, with the right focus, law of attraction, and the power of being mentored by someone in the area we want to succeed at. 

Dave and Yvette are very passionate about their marriage. www.healing-blog.com/daveulloa